Brave New World

Welcome to the Music for You blog and to paraphrase Auldous Huxley’s book title, I’m being “Brave” by venturing in to this very “New World” of technology and social media, not having the foggiest idea what I’m really doing! Having said that, I have had my hand held by various experts, including Mr. Content – Chris Bown, who has been “instrumental” in getting this Blog up and running – many thanks Chris. The good bits will be because of Chris and the rest is down to me I’m afraid.

I hope, through this Blog, to share some thoughts and experiences – some funny, some sad – of life as a freelance musician and hope that you enjoy reading these posts. I’ll be teaming up with a wide range of people over the coming weeks and months, giving you the chance to experience not music-related articles, but much, much more.

Each month, I’ll be featuring a colleague who I have worked with, in order to promote and develop my business, including a photographer, a social media expert, a cartoonist and a wedding planner, just to name a few.

Please feel free to share my blog address with all who have a love of music and any comments you post will be much appreciated and I will endeavour to reply to each one individually.

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