Make someone’s day, by writing them a testimonial

I’ve just got in from a meeting and started ploughing my way through the myriad of e-mails offering me every Christmas bargain going, the scam asking me to deposit all my life-savings in some off-shore Bank in Liberia and the obligatory mail, offering me various medical products that will supposedly endear me to my Wife even more than my already successful Marriage could ever imagine!

In amongst all this detritus however, was an e-mail from a Funeral Director that I had recently worked with, where I performed The “Last Post” for an ex-Comrade’s Funeral Service.

It basically went as follows:

“Good afternoon Andrew,

I felt that I should write to you regarding the funeral of Mr. M.  The respect you gave to this service was first class. The family wanted to give their father a day he would be proud of, which included the Royal British Legion and standard bearers, the Union Flag on the coffin and as they said, the icing on the cake you.

He was very proud of his country and his war record and as the family said you brought everything together. They said to pass on their heart-felt thanks to you.

The older men at the service all said the same thing ‘note perfect’ – the only place you hear the Last Post played like that is at the Cenotaph.

You have given the family a wonderful memory which will last a life time.

On behalf of myself and the family and all the staff who had the pleasure to hear you play, I thank you so very much and can’t wait to work with you again.”

This simple gesture took only a matter of minutes to do, but has left me glowing with pride and satisfaction, knowing that I gave my best for that old Soldier, his family and all the other people present and that my services were noted, valued and hopefully will be remembered for future opportunities with that Funeral Director (and others by recommendation).

If you have received good service from someone today, write a short testimonial and put a smile on their face. It will be the best Christmas gift you can give them!

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Photography by Paul Fears


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