Money, Get Away, Get a Good Job With More Pay and Your O.K.

Phill Court Music

I picked up the bass to initially impress a girl. Fast forward many years and I have a bass guitar strap wrapped around my neck and no girl. I never envisioned becoming a professional musician, not at least getting paid! I was having fun running around pubs, clubs and any venue that would have our little group. Our payment was either £20 behind the bar (mines a guiness please) or a free meal voucher. Now that’s all well and good, but then it hit me. During a charity concert I was thinking. The bar staff are getting paid, the stage crew are getting paid, the security, the various stalls. They were all getting paid apart from us! I thought it was wrong then and I think it is wrong now. As a musician I am providing a service to the person/persons who booked me. I expect to get paid. Why shouldn’t…

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